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A Dedicated Box, in all of the places I've seen on the net, is fully under your control. You can install anything you want and run anything you want. You're just limited, by the number of IPs and Bandwith you buy.
I'm not really good at giving advice at how hard it's going to be, but you will run into some troubles, and seeing how you will most likely be gettin a *nix box, you will need fundemental knowledge about Linux, Apache and the software you are running.

My Fav Hosting Company for dedicated servers is , their redhat boxes are very cheap, and support is fab!
That's my personal experience with them. Regardless, there are many good hosting companies out there, and you should go out and do some research, by going through the Cnet TOP hosts, and links from this bbs(search for dedicated server), I know that's what I did when looking for a dedicated server.

Hope that Helps, Bogdan
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