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Hello members and visitors,

Thank you all for your great support. In our never-ending quest to improve the quality of our Community, we will migrate to a new forum script. vBulletin will provide you with many new features: private messages, email subscribe and opt-out to any thread, Avitars, blazing speed that requires a seat belt and helmet, custom time zones and
thread sorts, Polls, custom Styles, and numerous other enhancements.

Please carefully read this migration schedule. All dates and times are quoted from San Diego, California, USA,
(PST) Planet Earth, Solar system GEEK

1) On Friday - 7/20/01 at 10:00 AM geek/talk will close for approximately 6 hours

2) A redirect will be implemented on this install of geek/talk to direct you to the new geek/talk after we open

3) Registration applications have been turned off since 7/12/01. We will open registration application 48 hours
after the migration is completed.

4) A team of experts will be available to answer your technical questions. Extensive Help and a detailed FAQ are already in place. Please consult these documents before you ask questions.

5) All member data and posts will be retained/imported. The status of your membership in geek/talk will not change. Our Rules and Posting Guide have not changed.

6) You may translate time zones on

7) Members in good standing will need their user name and password to login. This sets a "cookie" and permits you to post and use additional features of geek/talk which are not available to visitors. I strongly suggest that you have this data available when you reach our new geek/talk. If you don't remember your password go here:

8) If their are any changes in our migration schedule I will post same to this thread.

For the last few weeks we have conducted extensive testing and modifications to insure the integrity of vBulletin. This migration would not be possible without the gracious help and outstanding work by the following members:

Kaiosama - MattC - Dave-AHFB - Kathy - Jan - parplex - singloon - my_cool_website - intellected and Team Geek

Respectfully yours,

Owner/Webmaster/Janitor/Tribal Chief
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