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If they want to use it [the ad blocking software] so be it. My opinion, your or somebody else does not matter. Is a company shooting 50 linked popups? Their choice. You or me want to employ one method or another …who cares. At the end only the equilibrium [between the blocking software, spiders, robots, popups, your nerves, my nerves, your pockets, my pockets] matters. A web site is a private property. If I want to block all countries, but say Eritrea, is my choice [go stick a finger in your … if you don’t like it]. Do you want a supper authority looking over your shoulder when you type .. Don’t worry will come in a near future. They will wisely decides what ad blocking software is proper to use, ads that are safer for you [say based on your age in seconds – if they are sloppy]. So enjoy the net now
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