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Hi Jan:
Just because we all get junk mail from poorly developed sites doesn't mean you can't build a quality site about these subjects.

In looking at sites in these categories, I've seen, for example some really informative and well designed sites about hair loss. It doesn't mean you don't go to the doctor for professional guidance. But the net is the "information highway". It's a great place to get informed.

A site about losing weight doesn't have to be one of those cheezy sites making flamboyant claims. It can be a thoughtful and logical guide to help people with weight problem. Perhaps they feel uncomfortable going to their doctor about it, and a good site would help them.

There are tons of examples. I guess the problem is that there are in fact alot of bad sites out there. For the most part, the Internet is a "medium" because it's neither "rare" nor "well-done"...
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