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Might I add that a lot of folks involved in items 2-4 are:

In Jail
SEC sanctions
FDA bad list
FTC cease and desist
AG legal actions in numerous states

So, you face a serious challenge in creating a quality site and monetizing same since a lot of surfer folks and advertisers have already either been ripped off or have a preconceived negative connatation of what it's about so they ain't interested. Forums also fit into this equation and it took me years to break through the preconceived notions. I'm not so sure I would try it today

I'm not saying ALL sites and I'm not saying you couldn't make a go of it with 2-4 since you already created a neat and quality site. Just the realities. Besides, after you do your Ebay auction as we discussed in the other thread you won't have time for anything else I'm darn sure of that!

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