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Hello, I am new too these forums, my name is Peter.

I have been making sites for the past two years now, I started out on for the first 9 months, and then switched over to a domain name and got proper hosting.

From there I have gained alot of experience promoting websites. Mainly game/gaming related websites. I have a few sites at the moment, one you may of heard of being (which recieves over 15000 visitors a day/45000 pageviews a day) or even (which recieves 8000 visitors a day/25000 pageviews).

The older of the two sites is Xtreme Cheats, which I have been running since October 2001. I have been running 123 Cheats since January 2002.


I have got to say that content rules 100% especially with gamesites, and if you havent got content you have got nothing. It doesnt matter if you have a pretty design, with pretty colours and flashing lights....if you havent got content you wont get much visitors.


You should also partner with a few bigger sites, preferably that offer the same content or similar products as you. I run a kind of partnership on my website called Affiliation, most sites, especially gamesites have an option for partnership.


TIP for CHEAT/GAME SITES: You should submit your site to special directories that will spider your site and send you 1000 's of free visitors everyday. The more content you have, the more visitors you will recieve. Such directories include:,, INEEDCODES.NET, etc. etc.


To check out your link popularity on searchengines you should go to: , they give detailed results, and compare your link popularity to other sites. Including your competitors, &

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