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Originally posted by AleR

As a professional designer I must say, that colors are nothing. I've read a lot about colors, their impression, psychological effect, etc... And have own expirience about it.
Most popular sites on the web has white background color.
Everyone has his own favourite color. Most of people like blue. Why? Because it is the color of sky. All peoples like sky and sun of course.
Yes, if you use blue it gives you + 1-2% returned visitors. ...but it is too little, as for me.

Just one thing - don't make your site absolutely red or yellow cause it's hard to our eyes.
Actually colors do matter and they've been studied quite a lot -- not by web developers, but by retailers and such (just like muzak what we hear in supermarkets, etc). Best example is definately McDonalds who uses mostly orange as a main color in their restaurants. You would think that it is because of their logo or so, but actually orange is a color that makes you "rush" things -> people finish their meals faster and make room for new customers. I think that nowadays they're changing this slightly, I assume that they've found that if people stay longer, they take bigger Coke and larger fries which are the core of their income (profit margins from french fries are much higher than from sandwiches :-). Just heard this stuff few years ago when I implemented one European McDonalds intranet and it sounded so funny/clever that I'll always remember it :-)
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