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Default I was verry surprise by poll results...

Hello fellow geeks,

I am new to geek talk and trying to get a feel for the group. I must say I am rather surprised at the number of folks using WYSIWYG editors!

I am a hand coder - always have been always will be. I am also a part-time teacher for a university's continuing ed program and have to explain frequently to my students why they shouldn't use WYSIWYG editors if they wish to become professional web developers. Most notably, FrontPage is not something a professional web developer should use : it is something that only your grandparents parents should be using to create a little homepage for themselves. My teenaged daughter even codes by hand so if she can ....

Before I start a war though, please let me clarify my role - I am a web programmer (aka web systems developer) and not a web designer. I implement what the designers want and add in the functionality to allow sites be database driven or any other cool stuff that isn't implemented with straight html. For smaller, static html sites I do think that some of the WYSIWYG editors are capable of doing a relatively decent job of coding BUT in my 7+ years of experience in the field, I have seen various editors through the years and have never been satisfied with their ability to create code that is clean (light weight), cross browser compliant, able to make working in a team environment easy (especially of issue for fusebox applications) or generally easy to work with.

First leaned to code pages using pico on a Unix box in 1994. Continued in that environment until 1997 (yes, I do know how to use vi but I really prefer pico). Now I use a combination of HomeSite (home and consulting) or Cold Fusion Studio (work place) or sometimes even Notepad when I teach.

Whenever I have tried to use DreamWeaver to get the tight layout and control that I need I always end up more frustrated (new job wanted me to use it - fortunately that ended quickly and I got my Cold Fusion Studio). I have always wanted to sit down next to another coder who was profiecient at using DreamWeaver and have us both try to code the same complicated page to see who could do it most quickly AND end up with a page that was rendered equally cross browser/cross platform and light weight with no extra goobly-gook.

Just my two cents
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