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CPM: Cost per 1000 ad displays. If you run an ad campaign for $5 CPM, you'll get $5 for each 1000 banner impressions you show.

CPC: Cost per click. You receive a fixed (usually) amount, say $.40, every time someone clicks on a banner.

CPA: Cost per action. You get paid when a visitor clicks on a link on your site, and then performs some kind of action (fills out a form, downloads a program) on the advertiser's site.

CPS: (Cost per sale???)

I've only seen these two at Commission Junction:

EPC: Earnings per 100 clicks. Used as a way to tell how well the different CPA programs convert clicks into leads.

EPM: Earnings per 1000 impressions.

Then there's also CTR, meaning click-through ratio. If one out of 100 visitors clicks on a certain banner, the CTR for that banner is 0.01 (or 1%).
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