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Unhappy Share a T1 line - high bandwidth hosting

First, let me make things real clear, I am NOT into the webhosting business. This is also the ONLY place on the web I am mentioning this, as I only need a few people to make this work.

I mentioned this possibility elsewhere, but have done some research and am at that point where I am going to try and make a go of this...if I can find a few people to go in with me.

I run a few sites, the main one being Because I host manuals for projection equipment and it is the only site of it's kind on the net, my bandwidth is getting ridiculous and I am seeking another alternative. (My sites are "non-profit".) Here is the plan.

I am going to install a T1 line into my business. This will be a full 1.544Mbps line and I intend to share it with 5 people or less (whatever it takes to cover the costs of the line - I'm not looking to make a profit here). I can offer absolutely unlimited bandwidth (and I really do mean that, I'm not going to monitor it unless it's just clogging up the T1 line to some unbelieveable proportion). If co-location isn't your thing, I have a few high end servers that are not being used and I will provide the hardware and maintain it with a Lynix OS for a slighly higher rate with whatever storage space you desire (something like 5 or 10 gigs enough?) You can run your own cgi scripts or whatever you like. All I ask is no spamming! Past that, this would be a sort of partnership between individuals. The only thing I can not guarantee is a continual power source. Bear in mind that possibly once or twice a year, the power may go out at my business and the servers will be "off the air" for perhaps a few minutes, maybe an hour. I will provide UPS backups, but am not going to mess with diesel backup generators and things like that. So if your site is not "mission critical" and you need a heck of a lot of bandwidth/storage, please consider this.

If there is anyone here interested in this sort of arrangement, please contact me at Further details can be setup at that point. Hopefully there is a couple of people here that are in this same situation as I am in and together we can solve our problems.

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