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Default PDF spam on the rise

I'm not sure how many of you guys-n-gals have been hit by bizarre PDF-based spam messages lately, but I've certainly seen my fair share during the past month. That is, I've seen the messages come in, but I haven't actually opened the PDF attachments. Who knows what nasties could be hidden within?

In any case, it does seem that PDF spam is gaining traction - largely in response to anti-spam tools starting to pick up on image-based spam more effectively than before. At the moment, image spammers are often simply converting their images to PDF files, but given that PDF documents can contain a range of active content types, this trend does pose some serious security risks if it continues.

On the plus side, hopefully this will result in a significant drop in the conversion rate that these criminals manage to attract, since most email users have no doubt been indoctrinated into not opening attachments from unknown sources. Anything that drops the earning potential of a spam operation has got to be good for the online community as a whole.

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