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Default LiveStats 5.0 - Unique Visitors?

I switched hoster some time ago and they have a great stats server called LiveStats 5.0. The stats are very detailed but I cannot seem to find how many Unique Visitors I am getting on any given day. All I get is for example:

Analysis for the Day of Tue Nov 13rd, 2001.

Server Activity Totals for Period:
Total sessions served : 2640
Total hits made on server : 150209
Total page view hits : 30682
Total non page view hits : 119527
Total time spent by all sessions : 1087433 seconds
Total bandwidth : 804758.41 kilobytes

Session Averages for Period:
Total sessions served : 2640
Average hits per session : 56.90
Average page views per session : 11.62
Average time spent per session : 411.91 seconds
Average bandwidth usage per session : 304.83 kilobytes

Session Origins for Period:
Total sessions served : 2640
Total search engine referred sessions : 507 (19.20%)
Total referred session : 1625 (61.55%)
Total blind (no referrer) sessions : 508 (19.24%)

What does this tell me about unique visitors? Is there someway to use the above stats to calculate the #Unique visitors. I am pretty new to all the different kinds of hits/pageviews/sessions and do not really know what each means

Is there someway to find out #unique visitors using LiveStat 5.0 ?
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