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INXY.COM provides everyone with a great opportunity to earn money with us! Participate in affiliate program and get 10% of monthly spending of every client you attract.

What is our affiliate program

INXY.COM is a steadily growing marketplace that gains popularity and constantly extends its auditory. You can help both us and people by recommending our services and products to others. Share the information about us, use your personal affiliate link for people to open and register on , and we will pay you 10% of money these clients spend monthly.

How to start making money with INXY.COM?

Becoming our client is quite easy. It takes five steps:
6. Create your account on or use an existing one.
7. Participate in our affiliate program and get an affiliate link to be placed on your website or a promocode that can be distributed in various ways.
8. Make clients open this link or use the promocode.
9. Your client will get a 100% bonus on his account, and you will get 10% of the sum he spends monthly.
10. Choose a convenient money withdrawal type (PayPal, WebMoney, wire transfer, Visa or MasterCard) and get your earnings!

Who can become our partner?

Any user having an account on may participate in our program. Just receive your personal link or promocode, and you are ready to start.

Our services will be helpful for web site and e-commerce developers, online business owners, corporations and individual users who need high quality CDNs, dedicated servers and cloud storage. The solutions offered by INXY.COM are versatile and highly effective, which makes our potential auditory wide.

Merits of our affiliate program

Earning with INXY.COM is easy and beneficial. Firstly, you only need to share a link or a promocode, which does not require much effort and time. You can use any convenient method of link and promocode sharing: advertisements, social networks, blogs, etc. Second, 10% of client’s expenses is a great sum that allows earning pretty well, if you attract many customers. Thirdly, you can both withdraw the money or spend it on the services provided by INXY.COM. No more spending on web hosting!

Besides, the payment system is transparent: you can always see how much you have earned and who your clients are.

Affiliate INXY.COM program is your chance to make a pretty penny out and help people find a reliable and trustworthy provider who always does what is promised. Start earning right now! Register on

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