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After some research, I think I found an explanation.

If you any of you have worked with the raw server logs, particularly the W3C Extended Log File Format, there is a field in there labeled, "c-ip". This stores the unique IP address of the visitor.

I learned that if another website has linked to an image file on your site, your server will record the other site's visitor's IP address when that file is requested. What you'll see on your log file, is that user's IP address, and the file that was requested (usually a .gif or. jpg). That user should not count as one of your uniques, simply because he/she did not view one of your pages. Most log analyzers seems to take this into consideration.

To get a correct count of users, you must write a query that counts all unique IP addresses, BUT ONLY includes those where a page was requested (.htm, .html, .asp).

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