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Question SSL - Shopping Cart/ online store

We just moved to a dedicated server and I would like to replace my remote shopping card service (freemerchant which has become a paid service now....) with my own shopping cart and secured transaction pages.

I've looked at verisign and would like to know if ya'll can tell me if I would need a simple "secured" certificate with 128 or if I would need the commerce certificate (with 128)?

I can't tell the difference in the two. I take cc online but I don't process them online. I process them with my own merchant account and CC machine sitting on my desk. I just need to make sure the pages are encrypted adequately....

What is the difference between these two packages? (Besides the price) Would the "secure site pro" be the right thing for my server?


PS, I didn't know if this belonged in making money on the internet forum or webmaster issues....
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