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From Yahoo News: "...After winning, he chose his words carefully.

He didn't want to talk about his internet ad-tracking business and refused even to give the name of the operation.

"I don't know," he said, when asked repeatedly to name the business he started when he was 13 with his older brother, Jason, also a moguls skier who didn't qualify for the final Wednesday.

"It was like, so long ago. I haven't been doing much on that the last couple years."

Begg-Smith said he did the work to make money to fund his ski career, but has since all but shut it down to focus on skiing. The domain name he owns,, comes up as "under construction," meaning it's not operating right now.

He said his business has never dealt with any specific kind of advertising, only the technology to track how often the ads were being seen.

It was up to his customers to decide what kind of ads they wanted to use, he said. When pressed further, he snapped, "I don't know why we're talking about the company. I just won Olympic gold."..." []

It seems this guy has something to hide.

Google tells me the name of his company is AdsCPM, who wrote FreeScratchAndWin. More info on that here:

Very interesting. How deep is the rabbit hole?

Only a matter of time before the media finds out I guess.
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