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Well as you all know ive made several posts on this site about the asian internet market. I live in Australia but I also have a business in the Philippines and have been shuttling back and forth between the two for around twenty years. First of all the biggest internet company in the world is Chinese. Richard Li,s Pacific Century Cyberworks with a market value of around $us 180 Billion. It is also the fastest growing market in the world. Asia with the big five makes around over 60% of the worlds population. China also has the biggest cash reserves of any country in the world. The fact that Japan has dropped US like a ton of bricks to jump into bed with China, Korea and Asian to form Asian plus three is a good indication of where the real future lies. Im a liittle surprised by the coment that asians have no money, on the contrary in my opinion the opposite. Gee I remember when I first went to manila around 20 years ago, there were homless people everywhere , something you never saw in Australia. Now you never see homeless people in Manila but Australia now has people sleeping all over the streets.In fact the poverty I see here in my own country is some of the worst in the world. In fact tonight in just a short three block walk in the Brisbane mall I counted 32 homeless people. I have not seen a homeless person in Manila in five years. Wow, how things change. There is a lot of misconception in Western countries about Asia. Fact is there economies left us behind years ago. Take a quick look at the hotels in Manila. Asians stay in the 5 star hotels while westerners are struggling to afford a dump. Is the future in Asia, in my opinion Asia will completly dominate the entire world economy in Twenty years. Just my opinion from doing business in the place for around twenty years.

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