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Angry Stay Away from!!!

Two friends of mine who both have Burlee as a host (which says they have unlimted bandwith and space, we all know this is never the case but this isn't why Burlee is bad). Anyways, in March Friend #1 was charged $800 because of using too much bandwith. Now his site is about 1/2 the size of mine, and I get ~1.2mil impressions/month, so he used less then 600,000 impressions and was billed $800 for ONE MONTH! Now Friend #2 also has a site about the same size if not smalelr then Friend #1. For April, he too went over the limit for data transfer and was billed $600.

This is outrageous. Now while both have sites that get a decent amt. of traffic, the plan they were one may have been too small for them. But to DIRECTLY CHARGE THEIR CREDIT CARDS in the amount of 600 & 800 dollars !?!?!?!?!??!!?! This is INSANITY!
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