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12-29-2002, 08:14 PM
I am liquidating a number of sites that reside on my server; all reasonable offers will be considered. Each of the three sites has been operating for over a year. For sale is:

AllYourSearch.com -- a PPC meta-search engine powered by a custom script that automatically downloads results from up to 5 engines and sorts them in order of the amount you earn per click
AdSwappers.com -- an established traffic exchange with over 6200 confirmed members and over 500,000 page views a month, powered by a suite of custom Perl scripts and a custom VB software program
PopUpSwappers.com -- a category-targeted pop under exchange powered by custom PHP scripts

Following is detailed information for each site:

Name: Lenny Grover
URL of 1st site: http://www.allyoursearch.com
Traffic Statistics: http://www.allyoursearch.com/stats
Asking Price: $1000/obo for domain and license to use script and design, $2000/obo to include the full copyright to the script and design (instead of merely a license)
E-mail Address: lgrover2000@hotmail.com
Revenue: The site earned just over $100 per month when I rotated it through pop up exchanges and seeded it with traffic from my other sites. I stopped doing this several months ago, however. I sold a license to use the PHP scripts for $400.

There is some residual traffic on the site, but the primary value of this site is in the custom PHP scripts that power it. In fact, the only traffic to this domain is not search traffic at all; it is only roughly 1000-1200 software users that can be served pop up ads through an early version of a software advertisement delivery vehicle. Every time a query is entered, the XML feeds from up to 5 PPC engines is retrieved and the results are sorted in order of the amount you receive per click. The script is easy to install and administer; you can see the administration interface at http://www.allyoursearch.com/demo/admin.php (password: admin). I previously sold a license to use the scripts for $400 and would be willing to sell a license to use the script (with another domain/design) for that price. Since I am only selling the sites so that I no longer need to rent the server, I am more interested in selling the domain, traffic, and a license to the script than I am in selling the copyright to the script, itself.

The copyright to this script would be very useful for people who sell cookie-cutter PPC sites on Ebay, as they would be able to easily create a large number of sites without having to pay a license fee for each domain that they sell.

Name: Lenny Grover
URL of 2st Site: http://www.adswappers.com
Traffic Statistics: http://www.adswappers.com/stats
Asking Price: $3000/obo
E-mail Address: lgrover2000@hotmail.com
Revenue Per Month: varies ($0-$300 a month without banner or pop up ads)

The site is powered by a set of Perl CGI scripts designed specifically for this site, and makes use of a MySQL database to store user info, etc. The TimeSwappers software was developed in Visual Basic and the copyright and source code will pass to the new purchaser. In order for users to begin using AdSwappers, they must register, and then activate their accounts using their e-mail address. The site currently has 6289 activated members. Given that I received about 1000 bounce-backs the last time that I sent out a e-mail newsletter (a number of months ago), the site is priced at under $.75/valid registered user.

When I first made credits available for purchase about a year ago, I made over $300 in sales in less than a month. However, sales have tapered off considerably and I received only a single $50 order in October. I have not had time to work on this site and it is possible that traffic and orders would pick up if the site were actively managed. Over the past 3 months, since the last newsletter, the only work that I have devoted to the site has been processing account deletion requests (several are received with each newsletter and all such requests have been honored). The site is almost completely automated.

I have offered this site for sale several times before but have not been presented with any serious offers. About a year ago, I was offered $600 by a competitor for the AdSwappers.com domain (and traffic) and I believe that the scripts, software, membership database, and revenue justify a higher valuation.

URL of 3rd site: http://www.popupswappers.com
Traffic Statistics: http://www.popupswappers.com/stats
Asking Price: $1500/obo
E-mail Address: lgrover2000@hotmail.com
Revenue Per Month: only used to drive traffic to my other sites -- paid sponsors were never solicited

This is a category-targeted pop under exchange that is run by custom PHP scripts supported by a back-end MySQL database. Webmasters are asked to categorize their sites and confirm their e-mail addresses when they register. Through an web-based administration console, you then are able to review each site to ensure that its content is suitable for the exchange and that it is correctly categorized. Unlike other targeted exchanges, where users in unpopular categories merely accumulate credits, as not enough sites are available to display their pages on, PopUpSwappers automatically provides targeting based on availability. Thus, for each given pop under display, the database is first queried for sites with pending credits within the appropriate category; however, if none are found, the user displays an untargeted ad rather than a default. This increases webmaster satisfaction, as an untargeted visitor is better than none at all.

Another problem we encountered was that webmasters would register English language pages but would just send large volumes of worthless Chinese traffic through the exchange. Thus, we established a parallel rotation for Chinese-language traffic to ensure that honest users would not receive lower quality traffic. When you review sites for acceptance, you have the option of either placing a site in the English rotation or in the Chinese rotation. You could also use this functionality to create a multilingual pop under exchange if you so desire.

Scripts for pop under exchanges generally sell for $500+. Furthermore, these scripts are made available to other sites, which are then able to offer the same functionality that you are. This sale includes the copyright to the custom PopUpSwappers scripts, as well as the existing traffic and membership base.

12-29-2002, 09:37 PM

Thanks for a very nice compliant post and best wishes on your sales.

12-30-2002, 08:47 AM

Fingers crossed that your openness, honesty, reasonable pricing and the quality of your programming work lands these properties in good hands.

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