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01-22-2002, 06:29 AM
I have a number of domain names that are available for purchase. Many of these I have had since 1998, others I purchased on the secondary market a couple years ago.

buyrealty.com $3000
kithomes.com $3000
greatsoftware.com $2500
mailcheck.com $2500
infodisk.com $2000
motionpicture.org $1500
wrestlingfans.com $1500
internetceos.com $1500
stolengoods.com $1000

Keyword "dash" domain names:

job-opportunity.com $2000
notebook-computers.com $2000
3d-artist.com $1000
video-game.net $1000

Three-character dot-coms:
1m8.com (One Mate) $200
0h8.com (Zero Hate) $200

Price listed is for PayPal or certified check. Escrow services are acceptable at buyer's expense. Contact me by PM or at rj@studio219.com

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