07-22-2000, 10:55 AM
Hello members and visitors,

Thank you all for your valuable support and contributions. More thanks to those who took the time to Email me with your thoughts and views with respect to this thread: http://geekvillage.com/ubb/Forum4/HTML/003184.html and to those who posted in this thread: http://geekvillage.com/ubb/Forum8/HTML/000027.html

After a great deal of research and consultation on the "PG" issue, which included visits to Adult sites, speaking with Webmasters in the "Adult Web Site" industry, attorneys, developers, users, consultants, merchants, members, and Moderators, I have formulated a policy which is effective immediately.

Our mission has always been and will continue to be, a mainstream Webmaster Centric Community where Webmasters and site owners can share their knowledge and we can all learn from each other. We assume and history has proven that our Community is far different than the general Web population. Our members are bright, mature, well focused, responsible folks. Interested in sharing knowledge via high minded business like discussions consistent with our rules. Our focus has never been and never will be to cater to a subset of the Webmaster community who are engaged in the legal "Adult" web site business. I will not and have not published this type of content and will not display or accept adverts from any Adult content vendor, merchant, or site.

Adult Webmasters have been and are valuable members of our Community. I want to continue this relationship, consistent with our rules and procedures. The notion that we can not learn from their respective experiences has no factual basis. Our mission and procedures encourage respectful and civil discussions among members, even if you find the legal content of their site objectionable.

Given our "mainstream" focus, please do not post any link anywhere on this BB to a Adult oriented Website and or any content of an Adult nature. This includes but is not limited to your "sig" or profile, as well as your posts. Please do not use any "sexually explicit" language anywhere on this BB. Our filter should catch most of this but I want to make sure everyone understands this. Please insure that the context of your verbiage is appropriate for a "mainstream" Webmaster Community. Please do not post questions or answers that pertain to an Adult topic and or Adult Website. For example, Where do you guys get your porno pictures? Answer: We get all our pictures from "site URL posted". Please handle all these issues via Email, but please continue to participate in our Community.

Our Adult Webmasters should not interpret our policy as demeaning or disrespectful. You will continue to sit side by side with all members. Consistent with our rules and procedures. Our focus and mission has always been about sharing knowledge via high minded and business like discussions.

Our younger members should not interpret our policy as demeaning or disrespectful. We know with absolute certainty that you are bright, mature, well focused, and responsible members. You will continue to sit side by side with all members. Irrespective of their race, creed, color, age, experience level, or legal site content.

Regardless of your gender, morals, or religious beliefs, you should not interpret our policy as demeaning, exploitive, or disrespectful.

Finally, some members or visitors prefer to report trouble on the BB via private correspondence. Your Trouble Report will be treated as a confidential Email between you and the Admin, Moderators, and Consultants of the geek/talk BB. Your input insures the continued success and improvement of our geek/talk Forums For Webmasters. At the bottom of every page on this BB you will find Report Trouble On BB (http://www.geekvillage.com/report_trouble.htm)

Please do not hesitate to Email myself or any of our Moderators if you need clarification. This includes verbiage/content you want to use (before you post) for a post or any specifics on this issue.

Respectfully yours,

Admin/Owner/Webmaster/Tribal Chief

Best Regards,
Your Administrator
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