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  1. KazAa and TopText hijacking threads on geek/talk
  2. IMPORTANT: Forum Rules/Procedures
  3. KazAa and TopText + others Hijacking my advertisers links
  4. OfferCompanion S-C-U-M!!!
  5. TopText On TubroFind
  6. Yahoo and its own advertiser Defaced - Hijacked Links
  7. TopText on FTC's Consumer Website
  8. [Defacement and hijacking of religious sites] How do I advertise with God?
  9. Defacement and hijacking of Commsion Junction
  10. Screenshots procedures + suggestions
  11. ClickBank Defaced
  12. Surf+ (or should we say MINUS) hijacks Geek/Talk
  13. ZMedia and Advertising.com Defaced and Hijacked
  14. Google and GoTo Defaced and hijacked
  15. [Resolved] KaZaA to c/net Following the trail
  16. geek/talk and Get High Forums hijacked by TopText
  17. Gator + eBay/Half.com Hijack Amazon
  18. Gator + Dell Hijack SSL/Cafepress/geekvillage
  19. Gator + Overstock.com Hijack Yahoo + B & N
  20. Gator appears to violate COPPA
  21. Elance Accepts TheftWare Adverts and Coding
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