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  1. Where do I change my settings?
  2. Where do I change and select avatars?
  3. Where do I see the threads I subscribed to?
  4. How do I unsubscribe/turn off email notification?
  5. Can you change the colors or UI of geek/talk?
  6. Whats up with geek/talk sending me SPAM email disguised as a post notification?
  7. How fast is the new and improved geek/talk?
  8. Why does geek/talk act strange in my browser?
  9. How do I fix my browser?
  10. Who helped with the migration?
  11. What is Team Geek?
  12. How do I advertise on geek/talk?
  13. What script runs geek/talk?
  14. Who hosts geek/talk?
  15. My password does not work? Can you send me my user name and or password?
  16. Where can I buy GeekVillage merchandise?
  17. DUDE! Where did my post go?
  18. Are their any new Rules?
  19. Private Messaging [Max of 200 per member]
  20. Why are smiles missing in posts and frowns appear in other posts?
  21. Why can't I post?
  22. Why don't I see my post?
  23. What is your policy with my TheftWare & Hijacking application/techniques?
  24. Where is my Country Flag?
  25. Welcome new members. What do I do?
  26. What is a GeekGuide?
  27. Can you show me some "skin"?
  28. Why do I see the "pop" 25 times a visit?
  29. Why do you sell my geek/talk email address to SPAM KINGS? Explain email DUDE!
  30. Why is this BB DEAD?
  31. What is CAUCE?
  32. Are YOU morally and ethically responsible?
  33. Why is this site down? DUDE! I can't reach the Forums.
  34. [Launched] Our Future: NEW Contributing Geek Program
  35. It's Time: Geek/Talk to receive a facelift
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