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Webmaster Directory Help

Welcome to our Webmaster Directory Help and FAQ. Our Directory is a resource of quality links for sites which offer products and or services for Webmasters or Web Merchants. It is not a link farm, FFA page, or place to list sites unless they are quality and fit this description and our Directory.

1. Question: Why do I have to register to submit a link?

Answer: This procedure reduces SPAM and increases the quality of our submissions and reviews. We speak from years of experience and millons of submissions. Our registration procedure requires a click back from the email we send you. Please note, an individual may only obtain one member/user account in our Directory. We do send email to our registered users. Even if your submission is rejected, you will recieve email from us. You will recieve email when you add, modify, or rate a listing. We also send a Newsletter to all registered users. Normally, every couple of weeks in the form of a quality Newsletter. If any of our email bothers you, then please don't register. We respect your privacy. Your Email address and any other data you provide us will never be released to a third party.

You can opt-out of these mailings and we will also remove all your listings and user account when you do this. To opt-out, please send an email to webmaster AT which must include a Subject of "opt-out Directory", your Directory user name, email of record with our Directory, and the URL of your site which is listed in our Directory. If you don't send us ALL of these details, we will not respond and or perform any action and we will delate your email. Your listing and or registration in this Directory requires that you agree to accept our email.

2. Question: How do I get my site listed in your Directory?

Answer: Register first as per Number 1. We would appreciate a reciprocal link to our geek/talk Forums at Although this is not required, it will help both of us.

All submissions are manually reviewed to insure quality and prevent Spam. Please DO NOT use HTML tags or upper case in your listing. Please do not submit your site untill you carefully read our complete Terms of Use and this section. Please completely fill out the submission form, and we'll add your link as soon as possible.

To reduce SPAM, we only permit 1 listing/submission per user. If you have another quality site with a different/unique base domain name which fits our Categories, please email us for special consideration via webmaster AT and include the URL of this site and your member/user name.

3. Question: How do I submit my site?

Answer: Please properly complete Number 1 and 2. Next search our Directory to insure that your site is not already listed. Then browse our Directory untill you find a Category where your site fits. Then, click Add a Link and properly complete and submit the form. You will recieve an email when your listing is approved. We do not send email for rejected listings. ONLY submit a given site/URL once. Multiple submissions for the same base domain name are always rejected and your other listings are deleated. We reserve the absolute right to reject any site for any reason. We reserve the absolute right to edit/change your submissions/listing.

4. Question: I don't see a Category which fits my site. Should I submit?

Answer: No. We aren't interested in offering every Category. If you have a quality site and wish to suggest a new Category, please click here and send us your ideas. We love feedback.

5. Question: What are your Terms and Conditions?

Answer: We have run directories before and have a crystal clear understanding of how they work. Your submission must fit our Directory. If you SPAM our Webmaster Directory we will immediately invoke our ZERO TOLERANCE policy and lodge formal complaints with your ISP, Web Hosting Company, master domain that hosts your site if you do not own a domain, Upstream Providers, and numerous other federal and state authorities. Affiliate links are not permitted. We DO NOT accept submissions from sites which contain nudity, sexual themes, graphic violence, SPAM/bulk Email, pyramid schemes, get rich schemes, illegal activities, instructions on performing illegal activities, substance abuse, foul language, gambling, material that violates copyrights, pills, drugs, Penis enhancements, warez, hacker/phreaker material, MP3 files (whether legal or not), material that attempts to defraud Internet advertisers, material that encourages hatred or discrimination based on race, religion, sex, or sexual-orientation. We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason. Click here to read our complete Terms and Conditions.

6. Question: Why is your Directory so fast? Is it indexed by Search Engines?

Answer: Our Directory is hosted on our own dedicated server. All the listing are static .html pages which have been optamized for SE placement. The "Directory static pages last created on..." date and time data is displayed at the very bottom of every page. Our script uses mod_perl plus a MySQL backend for maximum performance.

7. Question: Why don't I see my listing, review, or data in your Directory?

Answer: This Directory is not dynamic. It uses static HTML pages which require an editorial review by a human and a procedure to build the static pages. We normally perform these actions every 48 hours so please surf back to see your data.

8. Question: Where do the listings/data in the Directory come from?

Answer: Part of our Directory was seeded with listings from The Open Directory Project:

Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web.
Submit a Site - Open Directory Project - Become an Editor

The rest of the listings/data is contributed by Webmasters/Site Owners and human-edited to insure quality.

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