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Quality Forums For Publishers & Merchants
Support GV with your contributions
Only $29.95 Per Year (360 days)- Voluntary
About 8 cents per day

Welcome. Thank you for your support and loyalty. Founded in 8/98, we remain the premiere resource in our space. Over the years, a number of members have asked us if they could say "Thanks" with a contribution and enhance their image. So, we created this Contributing Geek program. Your voluntary contribution helps insure that we continue to provide a quality resource for Publishers and Merchants. A civil and respectful environment where folks learn, make friends, network, continue our free membership policy, and strive to change the Internet with their actions. With your support we can continue this tradition.

Registered members with posting privileges may purchase our Contributing Geek package. Registration is free and requires approval of your application.

Read what our Contributing Geek Members say:

"I must say that I mainly lurk onsite, but find it to be my most important source of information about making the right "money" decisions for my websites. As an unintended side benefit, I've also picked up hits on my site from both my signature and from my listing in your webmaster directory (CraniumGain is in the internet consulting section).

Just under $30 bucks a year is a bargain in my mind, and I'm sorry it took me so long to come around to paying up!

Best Wishes,

Kent / esoomllub, LLC"

NEW: Contributing Geek Corporate Packages (Exact Same Company). Click here and send us your Companies member names and email addresses of record with our Forums.

This Contributing Geek package contains:

1. A special geek/talk Forums template/style with no banners and no pops. NO advertising. Click here to view a screen shot in a new window.

2. An industrial strength and feature rich Webmail account (a single account) with your choice of 5 different domain names which brand you as a Geek and enhance your image. NO advertising. Additional details:

Choose your favorite:

Feature rich:
• 60MB of storage
• Retrieve your POP3 email
• Incoming and Outgoing mail with a real email address
• 4 templates
• WAP support
• Forwarding and filters
• Anti-spam protection
• Anti-virus protection for attachments (All attachments with a file exstension of exe, .pif, or .scr are discarded at the server level to prevent Worms/Viruses)
• Plus much much more!

Screen shots which open in a new window: Home | Your Options

3. A special badge
Support GV with your contributions below your user name in our geek/talk Forums which tells the world you support the cause and recognizes your contribution. Screen shot which opens in a new window.

4. Significantly more storage space (4MB) in our geek/Gallery.

5. A Priority Listing in our Webmaster Directory for your site which should fit one of our categories. Your listing will always appear at the top of the sort. See this example.

6. A warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart from supporting a quality Community and insuring our continued success.

7. Current members of our geek/talk Forums and geek/Gallery who choose not to purchase this package, loose nothing. Nada. NOTHING! NO cutbacks on your current features at launch. It is anticipated that Contributing Geek Members may recieve additional benefits which will not be available to non paying members.

We accept all major credit cards via our secure third-party processing solution. At the conclusion of your purchase procedure, you will receive an email confirmation and we will provide you with a submit form and additional instructions to send us your Contributing Geek data. This submit form includes an auto-responder confirmation email.

I accept the terms, features, and conditions contained in this document and our Terms of Service:

*REQUIRED/IMPORTANT: Your geek/talk member name
*REQUIRED/IMPORTANT: Your email address of record with geek/talk

You may also purchase this package via check in US Dollars only. Please include your Member Name/Screen Name with our Forums and your email address of record.

Checks should be payable to "iOnline Pty Ltd" in US funds.

Mail to:
iOnline Pty Ltd
Attention: Contributing Geek Package
PO Box 150, Arundel
Queensland, 4214, Australia

Click here for pre-sales questions

Click me to purchase via PayPal

Click to purchase your Contributing Geek Package via PayPal

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