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Quality Forums For Publishers & Merchants
geek/Marketplace Advertising For Members
$9.95 Per Topic

Welcome to our Advertising opportunity page for the geek/Marketplace Barter/Trade, Buy, & Sell Forum. Thousands of Publishers and Merchants visit geek/talk every week. We will also insert your topic on our home page, this page , and this page. Banners on geek/talk will promote this forum. View our Archive of posts for a sense of the traffic and popularity for this type of forum.

Read what our Members think: "GeekVillage's geek/Marketplace rocks! At the time of writing, I have posted 7 advertisements in the Barter/Trade, Buy, & Sell Forum and have gotten the results I wanted nearly every single time. I will definately be back for more when the time comes. Thanks!" Member Jokes-Central

Use your Advertisement to:

Help Wanted - Resume
Affiliate Program Announcements
Coding - Development Work
Sell Advertising for your site
Trade/Barter goods or services

The cost to advertise in this Forum is $9.95 per topic. Only members in good standing with posting privileges may advertise in this Forum. Each Topic must contain a single offer. Your Topic post may contain up to 4500 characters using supported vB code and Smilies. You may purchase as many Topics as you wish.

We reserve the right to edit your topic to insure compliance. We will place the Topic/Post in the Forum. If another party is interested, they may contact you via email and or private message. Each Topic is locked and your advertisement will continue to "roll down" the forum list as other folks purchase advertisements. You may purchase additional advertising ($9.95 per topic) to insure that your Topic is displayed at the top of the Forum list. All sales are final. We do not guarantee results and we are not responsible for the validity of the advertisement.

We reserve the right to reject any advertisement for any reason.
We do not accept advertising from: "Adult" sites, Pen*s enlargement, drugs, pills, and sites with illegal or objectionable content, sites engaged in "get rich" procedures, any site and or network engaged in TheftWare, Hijacking, and or Blockers, and sites selling "snake oil" deals. If you are in doubt about your advertisement, Click here and send us the exact copy you wish to use before you purchase. At the conclusion of your purchase, we will provide you with a form and further instructions to send us your advertising copy.

We accept all major Credit Cards via our secure third-party processing solution. At the conclusion of your purchase procedure, you will receive an email confirmation and we will provide you with a submit form and additional instructions to send us your advertising copy. This submit form includes an an auto-responder confirmation email.

I accept the terms and conditions contained in this document and our Terms of Service:

Click to purchase your $9.95 Advertisement via PayPal
PayPal is the authorized payment processor for Published Perfection .
This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL*IONLINE"

Click here for pre-sales questions.

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