View Full Version : Bad news from Amazing

05-17-2001, 11:09 PM
Bad news from Amazing.

They notified me that effective May 1st they drop their pay rate to a "flat rate of $0.25/CPM, for net banner impressions.
Net number of appearances per month is the total number of ad appearances less adjustments for promotional ads (10%).

Amazing Media pays the above CPM rate for delivering rich-media ads. When only a GIF ad can be served, due to browser limitation or code limitation, no payment will be made." On the other hand they stop the make-good impressions.

That is $0,225CPM. Not good, it makes me try my luck with other networks. I will apply to engage and burst. Do you think any of them will at least send a rejection email?I know phatstart didn't and FastClick rejected me (don't know why).

It's a pitty because I has happy with Amazing untill they dropped from $1CPM to $0,5 and now this. Any advice?