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02-05-2001, 02:25 AM
I got accepted into this ad rep, and searched altavista for some info about it, and found that their banners are served on free homepages and poor-looking old sites.

Anyone who have experience with them?
Their TOS says there should not be more than 1 other ad banner, but I found a site which puts more banners along with ad-up banner.

I even don't know if they offer CPM or CPC based one. Their website says it's CPC and CPM mixed, but I read at adbility.com that they offer only CPC at 11 cent a click.

Also they seem to serve only a few banners for now, Gladiator movie and Amazon banners.

Any experience?

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02-05-2001, 02:36 AM
I started using Ad-Up way back in 1997, and my experience then was less than appealing. I was not given any information about how to access their online stats, and their terms back then restricted publishers to placing their banner on only one page of their site.

About 2 weeks ago, though, I was contacted by an Ad-Up rep asking me to change the review I had of them on Net-Ads. After filling me in on a few details regarding their program, it seems that they now allow you to place their banner on several pages throughout your site, and that they do pay a combination of CPC and CPM. Sites must reach $50 before payout, and online stats are indeed available.

For more information, you can reach their review on Net-Ads here:

If you decide to use them, let me know how you find the service.

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02-05-2001, 04:13 AM
Thanks, Czar. It helped much.
I will let you know the result later.
Any other experiences?

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