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06-21-1999, 09:24 PM
Questy & All,

I'm putting together my own web design site. I'm playing with different formats, so the page layouts are somewhat different, and not all are there yet. I would really appreciate any comments, particularly regarding:

color scheme -- is the background too dark? Too weird?
navigation -- is it obvious enough?
anything else you like/don't like?

Bearing in mind that not all the pages are there yet, the URL is dianev.com (http://dianev.com) .

It's amazing how much harder it is to do your own than someone else's, and I think I've looked at it too long at this point. But the search engines and surfers have already found it (likely through a link at one of my clients' sites), so I have to resolve these issues and finish this site now!

Thanks in advance for any (dearly appreciated)s help.

06-22-1999, 08:00 AM
Hi DianeV,

I really like your new site a great deal http://www.very-cool-stuff.com/ubb/biggrin.gif Elegant, focused, and direct. A couple of thoughts on your home page.

1) Insert Verdana as it's easier to read in your tag like this FACE="Verdana,Arial, helvetica.....

2) The headlines and subheads need color. Perhaps a dark blue. Just play with it.

3) This bulleted body copy needs a non breaking space ---&nbsp--- so the R in the second line is under W ...**
(and the other column text that says Search Engine...)

Look at my code on the following page:

www.very-cool-stuff.com/classpro/newad_1gba3.html (http://www.very-cool-stuff.com/classpro/newad_1gba3.html)

Your site is a great example. Which interior pages do you wan't us to look at?


Best Regards,
www.very-cool-stuff.com (http://www.very-cool-stuff.com)
Your Administrator

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06-26-1999, 10:53 AM

First impression, nice clean.

Some thoughts, like Steve, I'd add some different font's. I know that Steve likes Verdana, which I've used quite a bit myself. I've also noticed that Tahoma is a very similar font, and for some reason the newer Netscape Browsers were not seeing Verdana but were Tahoma, so I've been using a Tahoma, Verdana font mix.

Fon't usage is in the eye of the beholder.

RE:Bearing in mind that not all the pages are there yet,
I guess this is one of my pet peeves. If the link doesn't go anywhere, don't make it active. A surfer doesn't know of your page is missing or just mis-linked.

RE:color scheme,
Looks pretty professional, I like it.

So far looks good.

Other thoughts, I see you use Adobe Page Mill. Is that why there are some "odd" table and cell sizes? The only thing that I really didn't like about the site is that the text in the center column looked awfully narrow, (Side margins too wide???).


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06-26-1999, 01:29 PM
Hi Questy,

Thanks for the review. Sorry about that ... actually, the site was supposed to be done by now, but great idea about not making missing page links active!

Good point about using different fonts. And since I'd have to specify alternative fonts anyway and could cover all bases. (Ahaaaaa! Now, THAT changes everything!)

Yes, PageMill is likely the cause of the odd tables/cell sizes (other than whatever strange things I try to force it to do). I've gotten HomeSite, which works wonderfully (I'm also playing with the much more complicated Dreamweaver2), but I have to say I'm rather spoiled by wysiwyg ... seeing the layout as I'm writing the content is, to me, much more inspiring than staring at tags. (Un)fortunately, I'm not an html purist but rather a web designer/writer/marketer/artist/etc.

Text column too narrow ... I'll take a look. I did it for artistic/emotional effect. Guess it didn't work with you!

By the way, mozilla.org is offering it's version of its Milestone 7 browser for webmasters to use and make suggestions. They say they're just about at the point where whatever decisions are made will be permanent, so ... this is our big chance. (Wait til you see your site in the WebTV Viewer, a WebTV browser simulator which they provide free to webmasters ... now that's a shock.)

I thank you again for taking the time to review my site. This helps a great deal.