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05-05-1999, 07:20 AM
I would appreciate anyone looking at my site and giving me your thoughts and opinions. I do know that it takes to long to load and am unsure how to fix this and keep the same content. Any and all suggestions will be considered in making this site better.

Added the ubb code to link url .."Q"

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05-05-1999, 06:10 PM
To say your site loads slow is being polite, ah, if I had visited this site via casual cruising there's no way I'd ever wait that long to wait for it to load!

I've made this statement before, and can back it up with the "stats", the overwhelming majority of internet surfers will visit your site over the next two years at speeds of 56k or less, bandwidth issues are still here for awhile. You have absolutely got to strip down that page.

First, get rid of the music. I love music, it's been an important part of my live, but I have yet to embed music in pages. Embedded music in pages is the exception rather than the rule. Instead of asking if someone would like to turn it off, why not ask if someone would like to have some background music? I could ramble more on the music issue, but I stop at that for now.

RE:unsure how to fix this and keep the same content,
There's only three short paragraphs of information on your page that actually tell me about your site, and the rest is add on.

Missing kids is a worthy cause, but that java applet is dragging down my processing, and the link to their site to update it is sapping a heck of a lot of bandwidth.

The banners, the counters, these are all "calling" to other sites and dragging down the loading of your site.

Take the table with the three paragraphs that explains who you are, and strip everything else off the page. That's your front door, that's what lures me into your site, everything else is pretty much unrelated. If you don't get my intention to go through the front door, I'll never hang around long enough to even read the four or five banners at the bottom of the page.

Check out some of the conversations of web sites we've helped people with in the past here in this forum, and you'll see some examples of how and where to start.


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