View Full Version : Oh folders, where do you go? What do you do?

09-12-2009, 06:45 AM
Please forgive me ahead of time for be a complete beginner at all of this! If anyone can help at all, I will love you forever!

I have recently been learning CSS and HTML and getting pretty good at it, but now that I am attempting to actually get a site up and going it is proving to be very hard. I have poured over google looking for the answers, but no luck. Perhaps they are so obvious that they are assumed common sense? I'm not sure...

Basically: I have my domain name set up on Media Temple Grid Service. When I logged into the site, the first confusing thing that I noticed was a lot of folders already there...

I would love it if someone could explain the function of those folders to me. Am I suppose to leave them as is? Is there a tutorial somewhere that explains them?

My next major frustration is attempting to actually publish sites that I have coded. I am using Coda. I have a folder on my computer with all the html and css files. However, even when I seem to get a connection to my web server and select 'publish all' .... nothing happens. When I try to pull up my website on Safari it still says "403 Forbidden"

I am also very confused because Coda says that in order to publish, the hierarchy of folders on my local root (root?) and remote root need to be the same. Does this mean I should delete the folders that were already on Media Temple to begin with (the ones listed about) so my local and remote can match?

...Or is there a specific folder that I am in the dark about which I load my files into and they magically get published?
It seems like many people have a 'public' folder, but I have no idea if I just can't find it or need to create it (in which case, I would have no idea where to put it).

Absolutely any tips, suggestions, or help is appreciated. Thank you so much for helping me learn, I am sorry if I am just missing something obvious here.

David McHenry
09-18-2009, 01:31 PM
Your best bet is asking at Media temple since it seems they use a different format than most hosts.

Chances are good you'll need to place your pages inside the html folder though.