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05-22-2009, 04:33 PM
Hello GEEKS of the Village :)

I would be most gratefull if you would eveluate my soon to launch Ecommerce Blog at http://www.PublishedPerfection.com

1. The cart is hidden becasue I'm not finished with it

2. Everything else is hooked up

This has always been my favorite Forum and I value your input.

1. How does the Blog look and behave in your Browser?

2. Usability?

3. Glitches?

4. Form?

5. Function?

6. If you also have a Blog please let me know

Details and lots of input would be great. I can take it because I used to dish it out. :)

Continued best wishes to Josh, Jan, and the entire GV team. Most important of all, YOU the members are the best.