View Full Version : Banner exchange feature suggestions

05-05-2009, 10:14 PM

As I mentioned in a much earlier thread, I'm working on a new banner exchange and I'm creating it from the ground up, instead of using some existing program/script.

I'm looking for suggestions as to what webmasters, who do/did use banner exhanges in the past would be looking for as far as features. Below is a list of what is planned so far. (I'm not including the domain since I don't want this considered spam, I really am looking for suggestions!)

- Unlimited Sites
- Unlimited banners
- Multiple banner sizes (88x31,120x60,125x125,468x60,728x90,120x600,300x25 0)
- Category, Country Geo, time of day, & day of week targeting
- 2 tier referral credit
- Scaling 2:1 - 5:3 exchange ratio based on performance
- Ability to disable display of ads based on animations, content, target url, etc.
- Daily & weekly jackpot credits to win
- Initial sign up credits
- Pretty advanced fraud detection

I think that's about it that I have so far. It's a huge project that will require a long development and testing phase, but I think it will do well. I'm designing this site because I am unable to find an exchange that exists now with the features I'd like to use - so I'm doing it myself!

Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated.