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05-30-2005, 10:45 PM
Your name: Jason Fisher
Your Email address: jason@thegauntlet.com
URL of the site: www.rocklyricfind.com , www.rockntabs.com
Age of site: 1 year each
Traffic statistics (PageViews & Uniques ONLY): www.rocklyricfind.com/awstats www.rockntabs.com/awstats
Source of traffic: google, msn, yahoo, some sites
Asking price: make offer
Gross and net revenue per month (Total): undetermined
The specific source of your revenue (Names/Details for each. DO NOT post your Google AdSense data): google, budsinc, 1 with FC. I haven't really spent the time I thought I would with these sites
Copyright status of the content on the site: Lyrics site has copyright info. Get license from HFA, BMI. Tablatures have been ruled 'rule of ear' and therefore not copyright infringement.
Any other pertinent data:
The lyics site is a databased lyrics site with over 50,000 lyrics. I have done absolutely 0 promotion on either site as I came to realize I have no desire to run general music sites, I am going to stick to what I enjoy and know which is metal. The tab site used to be a different domain name, but I was unable to renew the domain name as the registrar folded and I was stuck. This site is not in a database, although it uses header/footer files for SEO and layout. Any questions, PM me.