View Full Version : $2K - $20K paid for content sites, earnings/PR/traffic immaterial

11-01-2004, 02:25 PM
Do you have a site with quality text content (not images/videos)? I want to buy it if it meets the below criteria. It does not have to be earning anything, it does not need to have a fancy design (in fact, the simpler the better), and it does not need to have a high PR/Alexa rank or high traffic. Payment will be immediate via escrow, we split the escrow fees.

1. Unique content, unique content, unique content (the more of it the better)

2. No forums, no blogs, no BBs, no convoluted URLs, no php (convoluted URLs or otherwise), no database driven sites, no adult/hate/spammy/ sites. Most subjects considered even if they aren't "high value keyword" subjects.

3. No wiki/ODP clones or other clones

4. Directories welcome if they are unique and have a large number of carefully collected and categorised entries.

5. At least one year old

6. No PR ban, no history of gator/FFA/bad neighbourhoods/PR selling.

7. Not more than 2-4 hours per month to maintain.

Sites need to meet ALL of the above. I'm not interested if your site meets most of the criteria, or falls only a bit short of one of them. I can spot a template from a mile just as easily as my sixth sense picks up copyright violations and syndicated content.

Tall order? I've got deep pockets. Email me on my handle here followed by @hotmail.com.

PS: Please do not question my motives or point out why php is the best thing since sliced bread, why my expectations are ridiculous, why I should modify my criteria. Please post either a site for sale or to ask clarification of any of the above points. Thanks a million.

11-22-2004, 08:37 AM
Sorry if this seems like a bump but the following changes apply.

1. I will pay all escrow fees for sites I buy as a result of this thread

2. The budget is raised to $30,000

3. For the guy who emailed doubting whether I had funds available I hope the answer was satisfactory. I am seriously looking to buy. I'd be happy to disclose by email who I am, what businesses I currently own, and even show you some of the recent sites I've purchased. I'm not one of the time wasters.

4. Directories are now out. Sorry. A small tweak of a DMOZ dump doesn't qualify as "a lot of unique content". I've been getting a few of those. So, apologies, but I am not interested in directories at this time. I regret any inconvenience.

All other points from my earlier thread apply. And I am still available on that email address.

11-23-2004, 04:32 AM
Sorry to keep on about this guys but unique content was so important that I made it point one and repeated the term several times. I've had one site offered to me that has similar content to 547 other sites. Yes, 547. :(