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03-18-2004, 08:25 AM
Pay Per Click Search Engine - Established

1) My Name: Eric Dahlstrom- This is my first sale so be gentle.

2) URL of the site: See Spot Fetch- My PPC (http://www.seespotfetch.com)

3) Age of site: 2 months (smartsearch)

4) Traffic statistics - Fairly new site with some traffic which I have been purchasing.

5) Asking price $100 / negotiable

6) Your Email address: edahlstrom62@yahoo.com

7) Gross and net revenue per month: not much right now. I have not been promoting the site much so I have not really been in much contact with the member base. With a little effort, the site has potential. I have an adsense account with around $50 that I will transfer with it.

8) Any other pertinent data: the site as of today 3/18 has a member / advertiser base of 480 users (most with free credits remaining). With a little more advertising it should'nt be hard to add a few new members per week.

Hosting is 7.95 / mo (Plan #4) through Hostsaga.com. I am not sure how to move to another server so that will be up to you.

03-22-2004, 10:56 AM
Site SOLD for $179