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03-17-2004, 10:36 PM
I'm offering a huge traffic generating website: www.yepa.net (please note there is one popup upon entering - a simple new browser opens that is all)
The site is a free hosting website that offers our members 1MB of space, I resell the traffic in the form of popunders and sell via another of my sites - this is where the popup / popunder comes into play!

Disk Usage for this site: 2021.51 Megabytes
Avr Bandwidth used per month around 100GB (last month we did 140GB was less then that before)

Age of site: 1 year and a few months old

Stats for this month currently:

Unique Visitors
Avr Visits per day: 3261
Max Visits per day: 4552

Stats Screenshots:


Alexa: 119,130

The script that controls the settings / users etc lists:
Total # Accounts: 1461
But I think that must be wrong due to the amount of hard drive space that is used for this site!

Revenue made: I resell the popunder windows via my own traffic site so I would say around $500-$800 is made per month by this site alone by placing advertisiers websites within the popup.

Expenses: Site is on my own server with other sites so hosting is covered by myself - I would recommend a dedicated server just for the site.

Time spent updating: None, just make sure you have enough bandwidth to handle the users, also promoting of the user forums maybe required by the new owner.

Price Range: Looking for high $xxxx -$xx.xxx offers.

Email your offers: sales@mega-traffic.net

03-24-2004, 05:12 PM
4000 visitors a day and only 39 users at the forums?

And this makes no sense:

"1 Megabyte Free Web Space - Build as big a site you need. Other sites give you 25 megabytes, like you need that much space!"

03-24-2004, 08:47 PM
The scripts that power the websites are independant from the forums, the forums are not as active as we could have hoped but someone that may takeover could promote them further.