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03-17-2004, 09:04 PM
Hello all,


First and foremost - Not to be rude, but if you purchased your domain name for registration fee - Over the last four years, I am not interested. Sorry
Secondly - If you do not have a premium domain name. However have a friend who purchased a premium domain name years back . If you can convince him to sell, at a fair market price. I will give you a 10-15% finders fee! On a $50,000 domain (I've purchased many) you will make $5,000 just for referring me to the seller! Mind you - I know of all the brokerage firms (SEDO, GreatDomains, Afternic, etc etc). Please do not find domains from these sites and submit them as for sale and expect compensation for "finding it".
Looking for domains that have a 1000+ Overture count w/tld. Willing pay top dollar!
Additionally - Willing to pay top dollar for Adult domains with over 200+ OVT suggestions.
One worders that are often used in daily conversations. Not obscure dictionary terms only found on Webster.com - Such examples include: Cool.com, Find.com, Food.com, Check.com, etc etc.
Domains that directly target a market. The following examples are a bit extreme, and out of financial reach however will help you identify what I need - Music.com for a music site. Homes.com for a real estate site. Mortgage.com for a loan site. Looking for these type of domains, except for much smaller markets. I am willing to pay low six figures for the right domain.


Websites with zero maintence/updates required. Ideally an informational, content driven site. Whereas all articles/documents pertaining to subject are already created & integrated into the site. Nice revenue stream, and daily traffic.
10,000 unique visitors daily.
$50.00 - $200.00 a day w/Google adsense (may entertain purchasing some sites making less).
Amazing design, tons of content, and targeting a viable online market. Of which is making little to no profit, and has barely any visitors.
Entire network of sites making $50+ daily on Adsense.

If you've any of the following, be it website or domain, meeting and or exceeding what is stipulated - Please private message me.

Thank you all for your time. I hope to be doing business with you soon.

Take care.

03-23-2004, 10:25 AM
Hi, what do you mean by "1000+ Overture count"?

03-23-2004, 12:57 PM
Hi, what do you mean by "1000+ Overture count"?
Type in domain name w/tld

It's a tool used by most domain speculators to gauge the amount of type-in traffic a domain receives. It's about as effective as Alexa is to websites and their traffic. Some, if not most results are skewed.

Take care.