View Full Version : Plantsforprofit.com - for sale on eBay

03-14-2004, 09:20 AM
... OK, I'll try and get this right :rolleyes:

Name/url of site for sale: http://www.plantsforprofit.com
My name: Margaret MacGillivray
email sales@luckenbooth.com
Age of site - well, I've had the domain for ages, but just put a shopping cart (cookie cutter) on it yesterday to show it's potential
Traffic - none - I've not done anything with the domain
Revenue - none - same as details above.
Hosting - it's currently hosted for a month and I am able to extend this, should someone wish. However, you're free to move it.
I've put a delivery charge so that I can extend the domain registration for another year and alter the ownership details.

The site's for sale on ebay.co.uk - despite this temporary insanity on my part, it is available worldwide!

The auction can be seen at

It's a one day auction and the pain should be over shortly!


ps .... I truly hope I didn't transgress - please let me know if I have to amend anything