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03-05-2004, 02:28 PM
Teamphotoshop.com is probably one of the most (if not the most) popular graphic design / webmaster site out there right now. We have “tons” of original good quality tutorials and a very busy forum.

This package comes as is with just the team site or I will work out a deal and include vbskinz.com (if the offer is extremely good). Last month vbskinz.com made 4k

The stats for teamphotoshop are around 1.5 million page views a month with NO advertising.

I only advertise my vbskinz.com site on the team site. I get the occasional vendor who comes to me to advertise on the site. I normally charge around 750-1k for a 1 month banner ad. But the site “right now” is not set up for a money making site. It could easily become one though with the traffic and crowd we get. The site has also been featured in books and numerous magazines!

The vbskinz.com site is getting very popular and could be included in the package if the price was right. Like I said. Last month was just over 4k in sales. And yes that was the best month I have had yet. But the sales have been going up every month. If interested please email me at tps@teamphotoshop.com

Good luck and thanks!
Please… ONLY "serious" offers.

Both these sites come with ALL the content and full copyrights as well!

- age of teamphotoshop (Around 5 years)
- age of vbskinz ( 1 and 1/2 )

- Traffic... The majority of traffic comes from bookmarks and google for both sites

- Payment options. Transfer of copyrights and domain would be done upon cleared payment.

- Asking price. I honestly don't have a set price. I've been offered 22k for teamphotoshop and turned that down.

A buyout for both sites I would not go under 100k.

03-05-2004, 02:53 PM
Hi Bob,

Welcome to the "Village" and best of luck with your sales. :)

Very nice sites :)

You are missing some required data which will help your sale. See:


You have some of this data but not all of it:

8. If you wish to sell a site, please provide the following data in your initial post: Your name, URL of the site, age of site, traffic statistics (PageViews & Uniques ONLY), asking price, your Email address, gross and net revenue per month, copyright status of the content on the site, and any other pertinent data. If you wish to sell a domain name, please indicate this in your post. Please combine ALL your domain name sales in a single post.

Also, a few additional questions will help move the sale along and help you:

Minamum price and or range?

Primary sources of traffic for Teamphotoshop.com ?

Primary sources of traffic for http://www.vbskinz.com ?

Escrow only and or terms of payment before transfer?

The thread will be much easier to follow if you just edit your opriginal post with the required data.

Thanks again and best wishes with your deal.

03-06-2004, 12:26 AM
Sites look pretty good, but there is one major problem with the website you have listed.

There have been many suits over domain names and trademark law. Here is an article you may want to read.


I would steer clear of the teamphotoshop.com website. The other one looks ok still, but if it's main income is from the team site, then it is a double loss situation.

If you can get $3k for the sites, I'd take it and run. Otherwise, you may be left with nothing.

Just my 2cents - good luck

03-06-2004, 12:46 AM
"If you can get $3k for the sites, I'd take it and run."

I just have to ask, why would the guy take $3k for both sites, when one of them alone made $4k last month?

Those are some beautful sites you have there! Good luck on your sale. Wish it was in my price range :)

03-06-2004, 06:50 AM
3k wouldn't even pay for the designs ;)
That's o.k. I don't "need" to sell the site. Also Adobe is well aware of the site. They would never have issues with the name. Trust me they are very familiar with my site. And is does nothing but help their sales and customers in the long run.

Some people have emailed me tellng me I'm nuts to even sell the site with the amount of steady traffic and good community we have. I was talked into running google ads and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised.