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03-05-2004, 01:22 PM
Domain Name Only Sale
My Name: Steve Shubitz - I am the owner, founder, webmaster, and janitor of this site.

The following domain names are for sale. Assume NO TRAFFIC for these domains. Assume never on line.

Registrar is godaddy.com for:


Reg Expires: 6/7/2005


Reg Expires: 9/6/2005

Notes on Numbers 1 and 2: Sold as a group. I will not split. Ideally suited for either a hosting company or a hosting directory. Memoriable name which is used in many rating systems like this: "5 Stars" Domain names that start with a number are often sorted first in a list. Typo protection with these 2 names.

NEVER online. NO Traffic.

-----> NEW lower price to start. Minamum Bid For Numbers 1 and 2: $200.00 (US)

Bid increments: $25.00

This is a "high bid" wins sale. Bids close on or before 3/31/04. Backup offers will be taken incase the high bidder fails to perform. I reserve the right to close the bidding any time I wish. If your bid is accepted (I will notify you), you will have 12 hours to deliver funds and provide the following data for the transfer:

First Name
Last Name
Email address (Please insure it works properly)

Terms of sale: Payment in full (NOT negotiable) to me via PalPal before the transfer to a new godaddy account for you to manage. All sales are final. No refunds. Please perform your "due dillegence".

Who am I?
<-------- Look

No support provided after the transfer. You are responsible for changing and supplying data to the registrar as well as any additional fees for registration. This post and only this post will be updated. High bid and backup offers will be noted in this post and not via email. Serious 0ffers only. Please note that I am located in San Diego, California, USA, Planet Earth so I may be sleeping when your bid arrives. No ties via duplicate bids.

Please submit your bids and data only to:


Thank you :)

Post edited on 3-15-04: Thanks gang for the kind words. Reduced opening bid and exstended time line.

03-05-2004, 01:24 PM
great post steve - all the relevant info and more included (as usual), something for us all to take account of and work towards with our own posts ;)

03-05-2004, 02:17 PM
wow... a post in the "For Sale Forum" that actually follows all of the forum guidelines! That's a first! ;)