View Full Version : Wedding related website business for sale

02-19-2004, 01:01 PM
Site name: http://www.here-comes-the-bride.com

Age - About 6 months

Traffic - Approximate monthly page views and/or unique visitor = about 1,200 uniques/month

How does site generate income? How much? Sells wedding templates, baby templates and engagement templates / about $290 a month with little advertising.

Who develops content and how much time does it require? No development is needed. Everything is finished.

Reason for selling - Trimming down on number of sites we own.

Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner? - Yes

Does the site have an e-zine or newsletter? Number of subscribers? None

The asking price for the site.
Current high bid is $750. I am looking for $1,500 or so.
It may go on ebay within 4-5 days if I don't get much response here, but I'd hate to put this site on their with the other **** sites on ebay.

Completely custom coded, with custom templates. You won't find these being sold by anyone else. Site is in PHP with MySQL database backend and has a control panel admin section that lets you add templates, manage orders, etc.

Most of site has PR of 4-5, and Alexa is at 400,000 and climbing.
Any questions, please email at support at gjrsoftware.com