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02-10-2004, 11:17 PM
the site is http://www.anasci.org we currently have 224 members.. When i purchased the site i had it built and i paid around 1,000 for the site to be built and another 500.00, recently went into a forums upgrade and modifications to it, the site has only been up for 4 months and is very new and has done extremely well and still is currently doing well. it is just that i would be willing to sell it, the site Also was Included to altavista, the inktomi network, inclusion to yahoo, and msn , galaxy, and some others.. the site is listed within google., right now we are currently waiting on a host transfer from our old host to our new one at bluedomino.com this should be completed anytime now, and the site should be tentimes faster. the monthly cost for hosting is currently free since it was paid in full for a year, but since we are getting the new host it will be 20.00 a month.., I can show proof of income can be shown and all, this does not include money we received from our advertisers.., all the sites graphics were done by, me and are completely mine, along with the information contained on the site.

asking price $4,000 please email me at j2tricky@rcn.com
Thanks, Joe

my statistics for the current month so far look like this, as of 2/11/04

Monthly Statistics for February 2004

Total Hits 210601
Total Files 121464
Total Pages 7576
Total Visits 2409
Total KBytes 1188108

Total Unique Sites 2082
Total Unique URLs 551
Total Unique Referrers 370
Total Unique User Agents 369

. Avg Max

Hits per Hour 877 3562
Hits per Day 21060 30772
Files per Day 12146 20424
Pages per Day 757 1070
Visits per Day 240 351
KBytes per Day 118811 168891