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01-26-2004, 09:44 PM
Sells Hip Hop Jewelry

I have owned it since beginning of June

The site gets between 550 - 850 uniques a day in January this is between 5000 - 8000 pageviews daily. Was considerably higher in December, but due to Christmas, probably double.

Here are the past PROFIT stats. This is profit after ALL expenses. I can prove these if need be:
Oct - $1,252
Nov - $1,810
Dec - $4,197
(Jan 04 1st 25 days - $1943) ~ $2,500 for all of january based on 1st 25 days.

Remember January is by far the slowest month for ecommerce so these sales are sure to increase as the year goes on.

Up until a few days ago we had a Google PageRank of 5, but it has since dissappeared. I guess they are playing around as our traffic hasn't changed. We derive the huge majority of our traffic from search engines. I do not pay for advertising. I have tried the odd advertising campaign here and there, but they havn't really affected traffic at all so I stick with search engines.

The site does well, but I do have other sites also so it won't be a big financial lose if it sells. I would sell this so I can use the money towards a down payment on a house I want to buy.

This site is dropshipping so you do not stock any products but instead when you get an order you pay the dropshipper and he ships it.

The site itself takes maybe 15-30 minutes daily to answer emails and fill orders, that is it. If you want to grow it, then the sky is the limit.

Traffic could easily be increased by exchanging links(which I have never done) and this will not only directly affect traffic, but will help with the Google
PageRank and in turn give better serach engine placement which means more traffic.

For one month back in August, I believe, I sold some of the most popular items on eBay. The most popular are on the homepage. I made an easy $300 or so extra
in that month directly related to eBay, but it takes an extra bit of time and I was just to busy working on other projects. Never started doing it again, but if you don't buy it
I probably will as it is easy money.

Sales could definatly be increased if you added a merchant account. I like the flexibility of PayPal as I get my money instantly, but if you are willing to wait 1-2 weeks
for merchant account payments to settle I am sure 10-20% increase in sales is easily achievable. Also site redesign would greatly inhance the presence of the site and should
increase sales.

I am not desperate to sell this and I do relize that I have a very good web site investment here so please quote accordingly. With the right person it could easily increase in sales.
I do have others that email me once in a while inquiring about buying it so their is interest if I do want to sell.

Please give me a quote on what you are willing to pay. Definatly looking for all money upfront, no payment plans. I of course am more than willing to help with the move, setting up and any questions you
would have. I do this full-time so will be around all day everyday pretty much.

I know how much a site like this is worth so no lowballs. This is a quality money making cash cow, that requires almost no work to earn money. I am only interested in selling as this would provide the down payment towards a house I want.

email asamsonoff@shaw.ca with questions, offers etc.

I am looking in the range of $25,000+. Depending on interest and offers made. Past profit posted above easily back this figure up.

01-26-2004, 10:11 PM
Im interested a bit.

What keywords on search engines does your site get it's traffic from?

Also what drop shipper are you using?


01-27-2004, 03:07 AM
If you buy the site, I will tell you who the dropshipper is. That is private info.

The site seems to have the majority of its search engine rankings under the domain OpenHardware.org, that is also included not sure why. That is basically a domain i just point to icedoutwatches.com. I don't promote it at all. The search engines just seem to pick that one up instead of icedoutwatches.com

A few keywords are:
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rap artist pendants
iced out bracelets
Simon Co Watch
spinning rim pendants
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