View Full Version : Buying websites with low or no income

01-13-2004, 12:35 AM

I want to buy a few websites. Please send me offers matching my requirements.

URL of the site: only .com

Age of site: min 6 months

Traffic: min 3000 visitors/month. 3rd party stats or extensive logs would be good. Please mention the source of the traffic. (any SE keywords ?)

Expenses: hosting. Please mention if there is anything else.

Income: Not interested in income. Tell me how much and how if you have any.

Content: no copy from other parts. Board/Forum is ok. Shouldn't require too much time to keep the site fresh. Only php&mysql scripting. No scripts requiring paid licences. No adult or entertaiment websites.

Price: Tell me the minimum price you would sell for.

Contact: PM, ICQ: 166256476, geekvillage at adras dot com .

Thank you.