View Full Version : for sale or trade for services

12-16-2003, 09:21 AM
i'm looking to either sell or trade for php services the site www.search2go.net. there are 2 reasons i would like to sell.

1) the database crashed, and i lost over 14,000 sites that i had validated over the last several months. i now have no desire to go through that process again, since each site was validated manually. also, there were probably just as many sites that were submitted, but weren't added to the database.

2) i'd now rather work on building an interactive community that i would enjoy much more, hence the possible exchange for php work.

site statistics can be seen here, http://stats.nfrance.com/adrienne/search2go.net/

i'm not sure of the value of the site, so no offer that i feel is reasonable will be refused.

also, here's a screen shot of the summary, along with the number of link backs that are indexed in the various search engines. http://www.search2go.net/search2go.gif

if interested, contact me at todd@search2go.net