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12-12-2003, 09:13 AM
I have a list of about 6,000 users that have previously bought from one of my network sites. (I run a wrestling gear and apparel website as well as a wrestling news site.)

My question is, how should I RE-market to my members? 40% have joined the newsletter, but I was interested in mailing all of them with customer discounts for the holidays.

My fear is:

Will the NOT opt-in consumers become irritated by this unsolicitated "Spam" <-- I quote it because it is more of a THANK YOU, here is 5% off, rather than a method of marketing a sale.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on this.

(Steve and Czar I especially look forward to your opinions)

12-12-2003, 10:06 AM
I'm not steve or czar but I'll reply anyway ;)

I think you can easilly do this but i would:
- make it clear they bought something from you in the past
- this is a one time mailing with a special offer or something
- don't make it look to much like spam so the spam filters won't catch it :)
- maybe you could add a note how they can remove themselves from your list permanently (if it's possible with the software you use)

12-12-2003, 10:11 AM
As you probably know, I tend to err on the side of conservatism when it comes to email marketing. As such, I personally feel that you're taking a big enough risk mailing a purchased member list, let alone the 3500 or so contacts who have not explicitly opted-in to the newsletter.

I know this is possibly disappointing, and I understand your temptation, but reaching those who haven't opted-in could be construed as illegal in many regions (including Australia and parts of the USA), and although serious ramifications are unlikely when dealing with a list of that size, you may place yourself at risk of service interruptions or fines. These, of course, could cost more than the benefit derived from contacting these individuals.

As long as the privacy policy and the sign-up process on the other network site made it clear that subscribers agree to receive occasional promotional offers from that site and its partners, you should be safe mailing the 40% opt-in portion of the list.

I hope it goes well for you.

12-12-2003, 10:12 AM
I didn't buy the list, the have previously bought from me. Our privacy policy states they B]WILL[/B] receive updates regardless of their decision to opt-in to the newsletter. Sorry for the confusion.

(I'm not one to buy lists, lol)

12-12-2003, 10:15 AM
Thanks Eriky, very useful information.

12-12-2003, 10:16 AM
Sorry for the double-post, but another idea you could consider would be having the source site (for which the members signed up) contact the members with one of their own mailouts, with the 5% discount promotion marketed through their own internal distribution on your behalf.

I'm not sure whether your relationship with the other site would allow this, but it would eliminate a good deal of risk and uncertainty, and the other site may see the offer as a unique value proposition to boost its own relationship with these members.

Okay, now we're in synchronised posting heaven. :) Thank you for clarifying the relationship you share with these visitors for those of us who are a little slow to catch on. :p If these individuals are current or former customers of your organisation, there should be no problem associated with extending this offer to them. You will have to include an unsubscribe mechanism within the email, and may have to conform with other terms as determined by the laws governing your region (which may include identifying your company's contact details and the relationship you share with these customers, for example). Other than that, though, you should be in the clear as far as contacting these customers is concerned.

I apologise for my misunderstanding, and wish you the best of luck with the promotion. I hope it produces well for you.