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11-22-2003, 11:38 AM
I recently purchased the site hitjokes.com and bought a dedicated server for it and some other projects I am working on. The site is only using a fraction of the recourses available and my other projects have at least two month more before they will launch in beta form. It felt like a waste having all these server resources available and not being used so I was thinking of trading hosting for some services I need.

Currently the site hitjokes.com is low on my priorities for graphics and html work but if there is someone out there with good HTML and graphic skills that is willing to trade their services for web hosting I would be very interested.

The server is from http://www.ev1servers.net/english/all.asp with 1 GB of memory / 2X60 mirrored drives and 700 GB of bandwidth a month. The server has Cpanel installed and it is very easy to create your own section of the server with specific amounts of bandwidth a month and disk space.

I am looking for a new logo and site design

Skills that I am looking for
Good HTML and Graphics skills (portfolio required)
Good understanding of templates and skins
Bonus if you have used vrating.com and know PHP

I would also like minor graphic work done from time to time

Will to trade up to 80% of the system resources for a 1 year period.

I am really flexible on this as currently the resources are just being wasted.. so send me a e-mail if you need web hosting.

Site can't be porn or have illegal content


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