View Full Version : Will google ban me for crosslinking 3 websites?

06-01-2003, 04:07 AM
I just read a previous thread below and have a question. From that post somewhere, Steve mentioned:
"Excessive Cross linking: Funky duck owns 40 sites and all the home pages have dozens of the same links on them."

I have 3 web sites and I want to have them linked to each other somewhere at the top or bottom of each page. I have no plans to add anymore than 3 sites.

Is this considered excessive cross linking? Will Google ban me for it?

I need to make sure that I am safe before doing so.


06-01-2003, 09:20 AM
That shouldn't be a problem at all - as long as the links are visible and the descriptive words within and around the hyperlink relevant.

There are about 45 sites in my company's network, and all of them link to others in the network in one way or another. Though I'm certainly not the expert in this arena (one of my bigger sites has been banned - but not for reason as far as I can fathom) a few years of solid Google rankings for the other sites would tend to suggest that limited cross-linking within a network is perfectly acceptable and logical.

Where trouble can occur is where the links are invisible (text the same color as the background, 1x1 pixel image links, etc), or where a mad bunch of same-same links are placed on multiple sites with little to no relationship to one another.

That said, the G algorithm is constantly changing, and what works today could be adopted by spammers in the future, and thus in turn by Google as a sorting mechanism.