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01-20-2003, 01:15 PM
Hi guys,

I am looking to move my email distributions from an in-house system to a third-party list hosting and distribution service. I have come across various services that seem to meet my basic requirements, but I am very interested to see if you guys have any comments about these companies or if you would like to recommend another company that you are personally using. I am basically looking for a reliable, publisher-friendly company to send around 100,000 email newsletters or announcements per month that offers list management services which automate tasks such as unsubscriptions and bounced emails.

1) EmailFactory - http://www.emailfactory.com/

2) ListBuilder (bcentral) - http://www.bcentral.com/products/lb/

3) SparkList - http://www.sparklist.com/services/

4) MailerMailer - http://www.mailermailer.com/

5) OptinPro - http://www.optinpro.com/

6) Postmaster General - http://postmastergeneral.com/

7) Topica - http://www.topica.com/

8) NetAtlantic - http://www.netatlantic.com/email.html

Your feedback is appreciated and I look forward to finding out who you think is the best list hosting service!

01-20-2003, 05:09 PM
I have been using Lyris based listhosts operated by a third party for a bit more than a year. At this point, I have seven lists with about 1.5 million subscribers...

I've used Net Atlantic in the past. They're a great firm, local to me (Salem, MA) with top-notch support and great network connections. Very pleased with them.

I've also used mediavoltage - http://www.mediavoltage.com - they resell list service from list-city.com - they use Lyris and I've had great service there.

SparkList has an outstanding reputation, but I found them to be a bit expensive.

Hope this helps --

01-20-2003, 11:42 PM
Been using NetAtlantic many months now.

From what I gather, Topica and PMG can cost a lot more.

01-21-2003, 02:30 PM
Thank you Bryan and Gerard for your feedback regarding NetAtlantic. Their prices do seem a lot cheaper because they charge you based on list size and bandwidth usage instead of charging you based on the number of emails that are sent out per month. This pricing model seems like a good fit for my business.

Except I am not sure if you have to pay for each additional mailing list. Also I couldn't tell how easy it is to send messages to segmented lists based on demographics. I sent the questions to NetAtlantic and I will let you all know what they say.

01-27-2003, 10:24 AM
I can Guaranty you with if you go with Barry at Mediavoltage he will save you a lot of money.

03-11-2003, 07:03 PM
I can vouch for list-city.net

I've used netatlantic, topica, postmastergeneral and list-city.net has been my favourite so far.


03-11-2003, 07:05 PM
I can vouch for list-city.com

I've used netatlantic, topica, postmastergeneral and list-city.com has been my favourite so far.